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"Long Haul" Documentary


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Midwest, USA
Just wanted to pass here that the Pulminary Wellness Foundation's documentary film, “Long Haul” started yesterday and will run from October 11-24, 2021 as part of the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival.

If interested: you can screen the complete film at https://www.urbanflixtogo.com as part of a 30-day free trial or you may purchase tickets to the festival at https://filmfreeway.com/UMFF/tickets.

Trailer can be viewed here:

The documentary is about 38 minutes in length.

Plot: "It was initially believed that Covid-19 was "a respiratory virus," that "lasts for 10-14 days. Long Haul is the untold story of hundreds of thousands of people still suffering from Covid's devastating impact months and for many, more than a year after getting over their acute illness; as told by the only people who can truly understand its impact...Long Haulers"
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Exactly what is the latest thinking on the length of Long Haul Syndrome? Does anyone have an answer? It sure sounds like what many of us went through. Respiratory problems seem to be greater with Long Haul Syndrome, don't they?

Another puzzle. Yours, Lenora