Long COVID Might Be The Manifestation of a Different Virus Reawakened in The Body


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There's been a few threads on this finding of reactivated EBV in long COVID.

The study in question though was narrow in its scope, as it only checked for EBV reactivation, but did not look at other common ME/CFS viruses like cytomegalovirus, HHV-6, coxsackievirus B or echovirus.

If the study had had a wider scope, then it may have found evidence of other viruses in an active state.

Many ME/CFS patients have more than one virus in an active state (by which I mean there are chronically high IgG antibodies detected). Their illness was triggered by one virus, but often when they have tests, you find evidence of another activated virus as well.

For example, my ME/CFS was triggered by coxsackievirus B4, and I have very high antibody levels to this virus; but I also have high antibody levels to cytomegalovirus. I suspect that the CVB4 caused CMV to reactivate.


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I agree with @Hip plus I also have the idea that lowering DNA virus titers, take EBV for example, isn't correlated with clearance of the symptoms.

RNA viruses for example have also been shown to be persistent and by lowering the titers you have had people that had in fact good results.

Its painful though to see all this Long Covid researchers going through the same Dead ends as CFS/ME researchers, instead of learning and collabing with them.