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Long-Covid and neurological problems, Need Help

Hi all,

I have had covid twice. The first time was last year and I did nothing to treat it, so suffered for months with bad chest pain and heart palpitations/tachycardia, blood pressure issues, fatigue and weakness, tinnitus, on and on.

I just got covid again almost three weeks ago, but this time was determined to treat it and prevent future problems. I took ivermectin five times in the initial phase according to the FLCCC protocol. The interesting thing is that I noticed my lung/chest pains this time around are almost entirely gone.

However, my neurological problems are here, and may be even worse (tinnitus, muscle weakness/anxiety, jitters, twitches, tremors, etc.). My theory is that because ivermectin does not cross the BBB, it cannot resolve issues with the spike protein in the brain and/or nervous system. This can have deleterious effects on the pituitary, the HPA axis, the muscles and nerves.

I am moving into the long-covid phase again, so maybe it's not possible to treat effectively, but would still very much appreciate suggestions on substances or medications (preferably stuff I can use over the counter) that do cross the BBB and which potentially could help remove the spike proteins from the monocytes, or suppress inflammation, or do any other thing which you think might be of help.

Thank you !