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Live in australia? I have leftover herbs, supplements, books, items for free if you want.

Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is allowed here, I know that on gumtree and facebook marketplace they don't allow supplements/herbs. I hope it is though.

Im in NSW, Australia and Basically I have a bunch of stuff to give away. Either my health has improved to the point where I no longer need it, or i have too much of it and won't be able to use it all in time, or items i no longer use/want. I don't have the heart to throw the herbs out but i dont know anyone in real life that needs or will use any of this. So since I cant gumtree/facebook it I'm on here. I don't want any money for these items, they are all free. Only cost to you would be post.

Items include

- Dried herbs, (about 15 in total) I primarily followed stephen buhner and ken lassesen from CFS remission blog's recommendations, for gut dysbiosis, lyme, mycoplasma and chlamydia pneumonia.

- An unopened bottle of carlson K2 5mg (60caps) and source naturals optizinc 30mg zinc 300mcg copper (240tabs)

- About 175ml of home made Dong quai tincture and about 400ml of homemade red sage root (dan shen) tincture. Followed stephen buhners instructions.

- A stainless steel 2l enema kit from GAPS australia with main tubing and one nozzle, plus booklet, plus 20 packs of the catheters that come in the single use sterilised pack (i've lost one of the othernozzles and the clamp so if you want them you will have to purchase)

- Livia, a tens machine for period pain. (got it from a friend, lost the charger but its just a regular mini usb port. The sticky things that go on your body and deliver the eletrical charge are on their way out so would need to buy new ones.)

- Books i was gifted, read ages ago and cant remember anything about them so cant advise on the content: Porphyria by steven rochlitz, Stop the thyroid madness II (second one) by janie bowthorpe, Lyme disease and Rife machine by Bryan Rosner

Again, I don't want money for these items. Only cost would be post. If anyone is interested/i am allowed I'll make another post with full list of herbs, amounts and photos of everything.