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Listen To M.E./Mike Dessin Thread is Moving - Treatment Group is Opening


Phoenix Rising Founder
The Listen to M.E. discussion has been amazing with almost 6000 views in less than 30 days but it's moving to a new venue. A Group called The New Day Group is taking over the discussion.

The New Day group will open a new chapter on our understanding of the treatment protocol Mike went through. Over the next two weeks three ME/CFS patients will enter Mike's doctors practice. Mike will be assisting them as they go through the treatment and will report back to us on their progress.

We're also talking with the doctor about the possibility of training other doctors on his protocol - please let us know about any doctors you think might be interested. In the near future we'll also have a video with Mike talking about his experiences, the treatment, why he went public and what he hopes to accomplish.

If you'd like to join the New Day Group click here to go to the group site.