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List of things to discuss with dr


Que sera sera
Hi guys, can you give me the top three things you would discuss with getting established with a primary care provider?

Keep in mind, I don’t want to overwhelm him with my case, I’m severe, a lot of medical history and a lot of medical abandonment. Besides long distance specialists and ERs by ambulance to and fro, I haven’t had much access to healthcare since 2017-2019.

Anyways, I am looking to make a list and would like to hear what you guys would focus on. Thank you in advance.


Senior Member
See. @Judee doesn't think she has any talents. Don't listen to her, we know a different side to her. How many times has she rescued us?

Oh, what to ask a Dr. I've done it a few ways and you're right sunshine44, we have so many complaints. Sometimes I honestly can't stand myself. No exaggreration there, I can assure you.

I'll be seeing a new neurologist in the near future (one hopes), so I'll be up against the same problems. What do I tell him, how much detail, etc., etc. In my case, I have new symptoms and want to find out what they are....so I'll have to tread carefully. I understand this doctor is supposed to be nice and caring. So if he isn't, it falls directly in my lap....I went about this all wrong.

I'm glad that Judee's info gave you a bit of insight, and will have to read it myself, I must read it myself & will.

I'm puzzled about exactly how I'll go about seeing this doctor.....I didn't make much of an impact on the last two, but to be fair they didn't make much of an impact on me, either.

Sunshine, I know it's harder for you than most of us to get out and about, so I'll hope you'll have the right questions and symptoms (for him to figure out what's happening). Good luck and get back to us. I truly wish we could be of more help. Good luck (if that helps). :heart: :heart: Yours, Lenora