Liposomal Glutathione seems to be helping, since adding cofactors


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I while ago I posted a thread about having issues with methylation that I didn't know how to resolve.

Well recently I tried adding liposomal glutathione with some particular supplements that enable it to work better. And it seems to be making some difference.

Background to this is I've been taking methylation supplements (methyl-B12, methylfolate) with initial success, but several problems and side effects quickly ensued. After finding Ben Lynch's site on preventing methylation side effects I added the range of B-vitamins and some other cofactors like CoQ10, and this helped significantly with brain fog.

After a while I began to develop other issues I didn't know how to work my way out of. My fatigue and depression began to worsen and I recently got pretty bad, and none of the common strategies seemed to be helping.

I was well aware of the need for glutathione and how the lack of it can cause real problems when starting up methylation again, but every time I tried it (in powdered form) I would feel really awful very soon after. I had also taken liposomal glutathione once last year and that didn't help either.

Having read more of the Ben Lynch site I came across this section (note I'm not associated with him and don't buy any of his supplements, just that his book and website were recommended to me by the two doctors that set me on this methylation path to begin with):

"If you still feel bad: This may be a sign that you are low in nutrients needed to recycle and utilize your glutathione. I formulated 'Optimal Liposomal Glutathione Plus' for those who do not do well with regular glutathione even after adding molybdenum. This formulation has added selenium which helps you use the glutathione, has added molybdenum to process sulfites, has added riboflavin to recycle the glutathione and PQQ to help reduce damage to your glutathione."

I already had most of these supplements so tried taking them with the liposomal glutathione and on the first day I noticed an immediate difference - more energy, some cognitive improvement, and that was just after a few drops (maybe 10 drops; a 5ml serving size equates to around 120 drops).

That was about a week ago and while things seem to be improving it hasn't been plain sailing. My night sweats have improved and mentally I'm feeling a little bit clearer but I'm not getting that initial boost I did on day one, even after upping my dose to the full 5ml. Plus I'm feeling very wiped out after eating foods, particularly things that are high in folate and/or methionine like nuts. Today I had to sleep for an hour or two after eating I was so tired.

Any idea what's going on here?

My gut feeling is the fact I'm having any sort of reaction a clear sign I'm in need of the glutathione and should keep taking it, but maybe to reduce the dose or to take it on alternate days or something.

Very hopeful that this might be a solution though, and to anyone that's had issues with pure glutathione in the past I'd perhaps suggest trying it in liposomal form and with the aforementioned cofactors, because if my experience is anything to go on it might be a case of just taking it in the wrong form.