ligament connective tissue damage causes and treatment ?


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I was wondering if anyone had information, insights or threads you could point me to about ligament damage and its causes and or treatment.

I ve had two Labral tears in both my hips, hip surgery for one and my right shoulder ligament is possibly torn as well. I have cervical problems and instability beyond my herniated discs. ( I have not seen a doctor who could diagnosis EDS my GP doesn't believe its possible... she was looking at gross indications )

Gingergirl reminded me that fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause problems with ligament's and then there is the possibility of mold causing damage too.

I took a ton of Flagyle and Ciprofloxacin ( which I believe is a fluoroquinolone) in Nepal and India... at least 12 rounds. Mold is an issue for me as well.

Is there a way to test or diagnosis if there is damage that was caused by antibiotics? or other damage? anyone treat this with any success?
thank you!