Life threateningly sick... what can I do?? (aldosterone, adrenaline, food allergies, etc)


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sorry I was not able to read the whole post, but adrenal insufficiency or thyroid anomalies can lead to sodium and potassium problems.

How much potassium do you have in blood and what about your ratio Na/K?

What about your fT3 level? (please, put your lab references ranges when you quote your tests results)


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This sounds EXACTLY like what I went through and am going through... constant state of fight-or-flight ever since puberty... always shaky, nervous, jumpy, even being bumped into or had my name called out my heart felt like it would explode out of my chest, with this terrible anxiety in the pit of my stomach. And now... somehow that's all mostly gone, replaced by these symptoms. I've also started passing out and everything is getting worse too fast for me to keep up with. It's becoming difficult for me to even get on here and make replies... even though I need to, in attempt to save my damn life.

I can't even handle any form of vitamin C though, nor have I ever been able to... since one of my major issues is gut/GI problems, and very poor digestion/low tolerance of most things that are supposed to be "helpful".

Let me ask you though... have you ever tried anything like Ashwagandha, or Rhodiola, and had any success? Everyone keeps suggesting these, but for me when I take them they just make me SO MUCH WORSE... more shaky/nervous, extremely jittery, and the worst stomach pain ever...
I'm really sorry to hear that, and understand how it can be difficult to even reply. It's a bit of an extreme solution, but I also find coffee enemas very useful for switching my body to a parasympathetic state (which seems to help with breathing etc.). And, as I said, the Ketogenic diet probably helps, but switching over can be difficult.

I've noticed that my GI issues have been getting worse too coinciding with all of this -- more nausea, vomiting, difficulty tolerating food etc.

I haven't tried Ashwagandha or Rhodiola lately; most supplements just crash me or are intolerable. The only form of Vit C I can take is time-release.


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I would take absolutely any advice at this point, but I don't know what can even help me... I can't even handle the smallest amounts of my supplements and barely any food anymore... they all completely burn me out beyond belief or make me nauseous. What can I do? Really
How are you now?? Im scared