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Learn how OMF supporters are joining Team OMF

Ben H

OMF Volunteer Correspondent
Hi guys,


Learn how OMF supporters are joining Team OMF

Dear all,

From time to time we like to share stories how you, our incredible community, are finding ways to creatively support our mission. We are inspired by you every day and hope to spread the good news of your work throughout our community. Enjoy!

OMF supporter, Matt S., wanted to celebrate his 60th birthday in a special way, so he contacted us to brainstorm how he could include OMF. (A little background: I first met Matt a couple years ago shortly after his then 14 year old son was diagnosed with ME/CFS. Immediately, we connected on a very personal level, both parents on a mission to cure our kids.)

Matt and his family decided to host a party that would also be a fundraiser for OMF. They invited his extended family, friends and some business associates to join them. To keep the costs down and increase the dollars raised, which was important to him, they hosted the party at their home and his family helped with a simple BBQ lunch. In the invitation Chris wrote:

I'm not sure where the time went, but it seems I am about to turn 60 years old. I have been so blessed and there is very little that I want or need, other than more time with my friends and a cure for my son's illness (me/cfs). So that's where you come in....

...There will be burgers, beer, wine and hanging out with some really great people. We also hope that you will help us accelerate finding a cure for our son by supporting Open Medicine Foundation in lieu of any gift, card or condolences you may have offered me."

Matt's community was thrilled to attend and they donated over $7,000 USD! He said “a number of people that couldn’t attend still were happy to make donations. I should have invited more!”


At his party, he gave out OMF flyers and everyone wore our End ME/CFS bracelets. It was so successful that he and his family are planning a “2nd Annual 60th Party” for next year!

Thank you and congratulations to Matt and his family, and a special thank you for sharing your story to inspire others.

For more information on how you may host an event like this, or for other creative ideas please contact us.

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Plan your own Team OMF event and spread the message of hope for all patients.

With hope for all,


Linda Tannenbaum
Founder & CEO/President

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