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Lean mass hyper responder on KETO/Carnivore. Anyone else?


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Lean mass hyper responder:

Anyone else with ME/LC that is a LMHR?


I have never had elevated CRP but I feel extremely inflamed when crashing. I was trying out some high histamine foods 2 months back ( huge amount of hard cheeses plus I was cooking achilles tendons for 4 hours). These are the only two things I added back then and it felt like all the arteries in my body was on fire. MCAS!

I wonder if the (most likely) high levels of inflammation from cytokines potentially could lead to plaque buildup where perhaps wouldn't in a healthy person. Heart disease/plaque buildup is a lot more than cholesterol.

What causes coronary heart disease?

Literature says:
Increased CRP (inflammation), metabolic syndrome, obesity and elevated cholesterol.

Saturated fat increases cholesterol. And high cholesterol is linked to heart disease. But why are scientists unable to show that saturated fat actually leads to heart disease? The data does not point in the same direction.

Chronic inflammation

There is much more than the cholesterol levels that are out of balance in those with increased heart disease: Blood pressure and blood sugar are too high, the liver has too much fat and insulin does not work as it should.

Perhaps the INFLAMMATION leads to disturbances in the regulation of cholesterol and many other processes, which together increase the risk of heart disease?
In that case, it can be thought that high cholesterol in people with chronic inflammation is only a witness to the disturbances in the regulation, not a cause of heart disease in itself.

Or it can play a negative role, which it would not have in a healthy body.

Cholesterol levels in a healthy body therefore mean something different to cholesterol levels in a sick body, Zinöcker believes. When we combine the results from healthy and sick people, the measurements do not make sense.

- To understand the connections, the two images must be kept apart,"


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There are many people swearing on low carb/keto diet. It's a fine thing as long as you can tolerate it. Unfortunately, I couldn't, despite being non-diabetic.
Maybe this thread interests you as well.


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I’m not really sure what it all means but Before I got sick I was incredibly fit lean and athletic. A year or so into my illness I tried keto. I do believe it was the start of my decline into severe. I believe because I was already lean my body started eating my back muscles (as we’ve talked about in another post I think??) and I think due to the ME that damage hasn’t been able to recover.
Not sure what this means as per your links (Brain not really working today) but thought it was worth mentioning.
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