LDN + Colostrum

Hi all!

I'm entering a phase of treatment where my doctor has suggested to take LDN + organic mare colostrum (it is supposed to be more similar to human colostrum than bovine).
I'm going to start with LDN this Sunday at a 0,25 mg dose and plan to build it up slowly if I do tolerate it well.

My question is at which point do you think it would be a good idea to introduce the mare colostrum, in your opinion: when I reach 4,5 mg, or do you think I can do it before, let's say 2 months after starting LDN?
As an inmune modulator I've been taking cordyceps sinensis for the last 7 months and it's made a big difference, and I hope to keep improving with these new changes.

My doctor doesn't have a lot of experience with LDN. He usually uses mushrooms, but I did not tolerate the whole treatment, so he has suggested this option instead but I feel he doesn't have enough experience regarding this combination.

Thank you in advance!