Lactic (organic) Acid Symptoms - from CFS Australian Study - You'll be surprised!


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Check out a questionnaire developed by Bioscreen in Australia to assess symptoms associated with lactic acid (and other organic acid buildup) in the gut. It's very interesting how lactic acid can cause both physiological and 'mood' problems. It really bridges the gap.

Herr's the study from the SACFC Newsletter - the questionnaire is attached

Friday 7 March 2008

Dr Ian Buttfield some time ago approached us to see if we would encourage members to volunteer for a research project focusing on lactic acid. The researchers include Dr Henry Butt of Bioscreen in Melbourne and Dr Neil McGregor, both of whom have attended the experts' forums held by the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation in Adelaide over the last two years.

The research team describes the project thus:

“The purpose of this study is to identify changes in CFS patients by measuring levels of specific chemicals in urine, blood and faeces in a clearly defined group of sufferers. The specific chemicals are ‘organic acids’, especially lactic acid. A further aim of this study is to see if the changes in these organic acids can be related to changes in the bacteria in the gut. Studying and comparing these changes in patients against those from individuals with little or no symptoms may further help to understand the disease.

The ultimate aim is to understand these changes so that they can be corrected with specific treatments which will help improve symptoms for patients.”

The Society’s committee last week agreed to support the project strongly. This is not least because the pool of volunteers for the project is to come from South Australia. Dr Buttfield will conduct simple and non-intrusive blood, urine and faecal tests which will then be processed at Bioscreen in Melbourne.

The committee also decided to contribute $2000 to the project. It’s expected to cost about $8000 or more and the researchers are funding it privately. We appreciate this commitment on their part and wanted to demonstrate that appreciation practically.

The team is awaiting for ethics committee approval, but Dr Buttfield would be delighted to start receiving the names of volunteers now so that all is ready to go as soon as possible after the approval comes through. Here are the contact details: Dr Ian Buttfield (08) 8272 4822.
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Unfortunately even though the study is in the nearest capital city to the one I live in its still several hours flying to get there. Certainly I have the burning muscles that suggest the Lactic acid problem. When I read the questionaire it was interesting to note the last question was about "the idea" that something is wrong with your body. Surely we are past the idea that we think we are ill (or maybe not). After all we still have really hopeless guidelines in use by our GPs.

Its always been hard to participate in trials due to the severity of my condition. That is another thing that is not taken into consideration when these studies are designed. That is the most severely effected are not represented.

That said it is truly wonderful that the researchers are prepared to provide their own funding. Very sad that they have to though.


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I am currently being recruited to a research study where these two men (Drs Butt and Buttfield) are the head researchers. I'm assuming it is another study, as this one was started in 2008, however it could be the same one. I will know more in a couple of weeks time (17th Feb) when I get the paperwork and talk to the doctor who is recruiting patients.

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Hi Francelle,

I a wondering whether you could let us know if this is the D-Lactic study, after your appointment, and when you have had a chance to look at the paperwork? And also, how long a time line might be involved, before the results are known to you.

Thank you.