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Kind of a miracle



Hi everybody,

I've had some messages wondering about where I've been and what's up.
Well, I got some 'alternative therapy' and it was pretty much miraculous. I've ummed and ahhed about posting this because I a) wasn't sure whether anybody would believe me and b) wanted to test my health a little bit to make sure it was real. I have indeed gone from Bell scale 50 to 90 in a couple of days and I've been out tasting freedom and catching up on all the urgent work that was left unattended while I've been sick.

Here's my story, extracted from a blog post that I wrote:

Sunday evening this week marked the third time Id managed to struggle up our church steps in four months. The only reason we were there was because the talk that evening was to be on simplicity, a topic thats currently close to my OHs heart.

I had the beginnings of a cold, and I was terrified that it might set back my progress right to the start, like the last cold I had leaving me bedbound and miserable again raising the spectre of another sleepless night in hospital.

I was in no state to stand for the sung worship, which blocked my view of the lyrics screens, and by the end of the first few songs, my voice had cracked and gone. All I could do was open my palms to the heavens and mouth the words that I could remember.

My dry and aching throat threatened to trigger a series of eye-watering coughs. I realised that there was no way I could possibly get up to fetch a glass of water; even if I crawled there, I wouldnt be able to bring it back. I started to swallow frantically and wished so hard that I could suck a throat sweet. It was a few minutes after that wish that a packet of blackcurrant flavoured Halls Soothers appeared in front of me; a friend 2 seats away was handing them round. It was the perfect answer to my internal cry.

A minor coincidence, perhaps.

But then, towards the end of the service, our curate announced the regular request for those who wanted prayer to come forward. I stood up and began the long, unsteady shuffle toward the prayer team. I explained to them that I had an important week ahead, including business meetings in central London, and I was concerned that attending them might mean a serious setback for me, especially as I had brewed up a dangerous cold.

They began to pray for me. Again, I opened my hands and mumbled the occasional Amen.

Then, the back of my head and neck started to burn. I wondered how I could move away from the heater behind me, as it was starting to get uncomfortable. The prayers became more intense and I collapsed forward onto the floor, my face down. But down there on the floor, as the prayers continued, the back of my head and neck were still hot.

After perhaps ten or twenty minutes the prayers subsided. I sat up and turned round to see where the heat had been coming from. There was no heater.

I realised that it must have been God doing a healing work in my brain and spinal column. (This phenomenon began to make sense, as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis literally means inflammation of the brain and spinal cord with muscle pain.)

I stood up fully expecting to be able to run down the aisle, but was disappointed as the familiar unbalanced heaviness returned.

I was then distracted by friends who had gathered, waiting to speak to me, and after some discussions and jolly catch-ups, caught a lift home. As I got out of the car, I ran towards our block of flats without thinking. Dave followed me in, and I hit a sharp pace. I bounded up the forty steps to our flat, and Dave said You know, youre really beating me up these stairs and then and then I dared to entertain the possibility that I might have received total healing.

Once inside our flat, I excitedly performed the only diagnostic test for M.E. that I can do by myself Rombergs Test. I stood with my feet together and I was able to balance perfectly with ease. (Only a few days before, I was unable to balance like this; I would wobble right over within a second or two.)

The next morning I tried again perfect balance.

Still cautious, I headed in to work. I was there for four hours with no shakiness, no heavy-limbed shuffling. I caught the taxi home and dashed up the stairs. A bubble of joy began to grow inside my heart.

Then on Tuesday I was able to head in to central London (thanks to the assistance of two very generous and helpful friends) to take what turned out to be a very unpleasant EMG test. After having electric shocks sent down the nerves in my fingers and toes, then flexing my muscles while they were pierced with needles, you might think I would be in no fit state to attend a crucial sales meeting.

Actually, I was fine.

About ten flights of stairs, a long walk and two tube journeys later, I was fresh as a daisy.

I continue to be a bit weak, my muscles cramp up easily after four months of disuse, and I still have this wretched cold. I know Ill need to take it easy so as not to injure myself while running to meetings.

However, with all that in mind, I can only attribute this remarkable transformation to the healing power of God. Its funny; I just didnt see it coming but it is truly wonderful.

Rachel xx


Patient in training
Great story Rachel, thanks for sharing- and I cross my fingers for you.


Senior Member
I am so happy for you, Rachel! Hope you're dancing and laughing.


Senior Member
SO happy

He is a Miracle Working God,:Retro smile: Claim that healing & run with it!!


That's wonderful for you, Rachel. I'm sincerely happy and pray that you continue on the road to health and wholeness.

Blessings to you.

Lily :hug:


Senior Member
Near St Louis, MO

Praise Jesus. He already has the victory and you are experiencing a taste of it. What a wonderful gift to you at the start of the Lenten season.


When healing comes, Jesus always asks something of us. Remember how he told the paralytic to take up his mat? Had the man not trusted the Lord and done so, he would have remained as he was. And the blind man. He was told to wash his eyes. Then the lepers were told to show themselves to the priests. Each of these illustrate how healing is both given and received. Jesus did his part, but the recipients of the gift had to do theirs. I think you have done your part by speaking up.

That said, I am going to ask you to allow yourself time to completely heal. Remember when the Lord raised Jairus' daughter? He told the parents to give her something to eat. She needed to regain her strength. When I was healed, I looked like a stick insect. I needed to regain my strength.

You know, no matter how many times I see or hear of a healing, I am always like a child on Christmas morning. Thank you so much for sharing what happened to you, through Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father.

PS - You have reminded me that I have not yet asked for prayer for my shoulder. I am seeing the priest who has prayed for me on several occasions this Weds for dinner. I will be asking for prayer!!!


Senior Member
Wow free - praise the Lord!

Yes Martlet is right - you must eat healthy and put some of that energy into recovering the healthy function of your body.

So happy for you :)


Yes, miracles... so happy for you! Thank you for having the courage to share your healing experience.



I don't wish to be rude or cynical but Wessley would have a field day with this; "God cures CFS".

But on a positive note, chances are you don't have XMRV. All the best, and I'm glad you're much better.


Senior Member
I don't wish to be rude or cynical but Wessley would have a field day with this; "God cures CFS".

But on a positive note, chances are you don't have XMRV. All the best, and I'm glad you're much better.

That's the sort of reply I wanted to make too!

At the same time - great news. I don't know what causes CFS, and I don't know what helps some get over it, but I do know that any recovery is great news. I think it's easy for those of us who've not recovered to slip into doing down those who have ("Your illness can't have been as real as mine - otherwise you wouldn't have recovered while I've not") and I don't think that's fair - tempting and emotionally satisfying as it is.


Senior Member
Knackered...I had the same reaction to this post.

While I'm glad freeprisoner is healed......i feel this type of posting is exactly what undermines the physical validity of our illness and what it takes to recover. maybe miracles do exist...but for 99% of CFID's sufferers it takes more than prayers to get well. Believe me, I've been praying hard for 6+ years and have seen no improvement in my condition.

Once again, glad FP is better but worry about the danger of such posts when we're dealing with a world that for the most part does not believe this is a real physical disease.


Senior Member
I'm happy you are feeling better, what happened I don't know, sometimes life is a mystery! I'm not sure I believe in God's power so much but I find great that you are feeling a strong improvement.
Good luck Rachel!


God has a mysterious way of curing things that could have got better on their own. Personally I'm waiting for him/her to heal an amputee.


So as not to distract from thefreeprisoner's topic, I've started a new thread and moved Katie and Wayne's posts over there.

Should the Community Lounge be a 'members only' thread.

Ooops, in doing so, I also snipped out Wayne's message to Rachel.

Wayne wrote:
Dear Rachel,

I'm really happy for you and the improvements you've been experiencing. It seems obvious you're not only experiencing physical benefits, but spiritual benefits as well. I don't believe anybody can experience what you are and not have it impact them on some very deep levels. Congratulations!

Best, Wayne


Senior Member
This was a Miracle ("...an effect or extroidinary event in the PHYSICAL world - that surpasses all known human or natural powers - and is ascribed to a supernatural cause")

I believe miracles are happening all the time - all around us....why can't one happen to Rachel...and why shouldn't she talk of it? I guess I'm one of the "oldies" that frequent the forum...and I've seen and experienced a lot in my lifetime....many events that defied explanation. I consider myself fortunate when I "see" things I can't explain....this is the wonder and mystery of LIFE!

Just my opinion....but I don't see that believing in a Miracle undermines the physical/non-psychological aspects or the severity of ME/CFS.

Personally, I've meditated, prayed, researched treatments and USED them, for years, to be well again (and I hope that I WILL as I have much to gain by this happening!). So far, my "miracle" is that at the age of 59 (after being ill for most of my life) I'm STILL ALIVE!

Yes...I DO have ME/CFS and life could be better...BUT it could also be a lot worse (and IMO my disease is not God's will...I have a disease that my immune system is unable to fight off at this time). So I'll take LIVING as MY miracle...for now!

Oftentimes "Faith" in the miracle comes into play...I'd like to support Rachel in celebrating her miracle!

(My attitude may sound a bit "Pollyana-ish" to some...but I strive everyday to maintain hope and to have a positive outlook...and my illness is severe, being housebound/bedbound with CHRONIC Shingles/chronc Ent's, and this alone will try ANYONE'S patience, faith and hope!)

Respectfully...jackie:Retro smile:


I just think that it's wonderful that Freep is feeling fine and I wish, I may, wish I might that Rachael stay healthy and happy. Always!