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Ken Friedman PhD & Rik Carlson chat about ME/CFS initiatives in Vermont, New Jersey, etc. (Dec 17)


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Ken Friedman just sent me this. Haven't watched myself so far


Update on ImmuneDysfunction.org

Rik Carlson, Director of ImmuneDysfunction.org is joined via skype, by Dr. Kenneth J. Friedman Ph.D, Author and Board Member of multiple national and international Chronic Fatigue Syndrome organizations, including VT CFIDS (immunedysfunction.org).

The two share information on the activities and mission of VT CFIDS (dba immunedysfunction.org) whose mission statement reads:

The goals of the Vermont CFIDS Association are to:

(1) raise public awareness of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS),
(2) support and advocate for Vermonters who suffer the debilitating symptoms of this and related disorders, and
(3) facilitate the education of patients, families, healthcare providers and primary care physicians in order to validate and establish a recognized and acceptable protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of CFIDS.

More information available at: www.ImmuneDysfunction.org