Just did 4 months of NRT, leaky gut, parasite, metals detox


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Long story short, they say the gut is better, parasites are mostly gone... but I feel EXACTLY the same. Still working on metals but the metal detox practically knocks me out the whole day.


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what is NRT?
I find metals detox can wipe me out for the whole day. Maybe you have to be aggressive about replacing minerals/magnesium... but from personal experience.. I don't know that helps all that much.
I'm on the sofa after a heavy night of detox.


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somehow in searching butyric acid i came across piracetum. it seems like something we would all want to take. search function for pr doesn't come up with it. anyone have anything to say about it?


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I've used various herbal/nutritional gut protocols.

I felt a couple doing something in a my sigmoid colon, mostly I felt nothing.

Though a couple of stool analyses showed improvement and a couple gone I felt no better... Infact a couple of times worse.... Mostly neurologically worse.

My punt is that I moved them from my gut to areas like my CNS where it's more difficult to treat them and easier to avoid my immune system... Not that I have much on an immune system.
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Unless you did other testing you do not know if you had parasites

In my not so humble opinion in this area, as long as you rely on muscle testing you do not know anything about your condition. So maybe you had parasites, maybe you didn't, and maybe you still do. Absolutely nothing is really known from that kind of testing.
I know many swear by muscle testing, o-ring testing, etc and maybe somehow they work for some people (I don't really believe that but for the sake of arguement ..) what is for certain is they don't work for lots of people (like me with many years experience and never a correct answer).
Now what kind of test is that that? All my experts thought the muscle testing was working.
They didn't say, hmn, maybe this test isn't accurate for you. No, they always proceeded as if
they had perfectly valid information about me and my condition. So, even if for some unknown
percentage of folks really got accurate info how do you know if you're one of those lucky ones?

If you went to have your standard blood work done and you knew that
the tests for your blood sugar or sodium and potassium etc were accurate sometimes but maybe 50% of the time they were nonsense and there was no way of knowing which 50% you fell into at any given time for any given test - what would you think if the doctor acted as if the results were completely accurate. I wouldn't think much.

How can you use a test if it is only randomly accurate?
By simple observation that is the best that is possible with muscle testing approaches.
If you don't like observation, then find any solid studies that show that someone can muscle test
and detect otherwise measurable conditions with any accuracy.
Why is the strength of muscle testing in areas that are harder to test for - because that's where
it's harder for an individual to check the accuracy of the muscle test.

True, medical tests aren't perfectly accurate, and labs can make gross mistakes, but in general
you can repeat tests and see that there is indeed roughly this much glucose in your blood etc.
In some areas such as parasites or lyme disease the standard medical tests are very lacking. That leaves us wanting something better. Unfortunately muscle testing is not really testing what it claims to be testing. It may feel good to get a clear diagnosis but it doesn't make it a reality based diagnosis.
Pick your poison - a very imperfect reality or utter nonsense.