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joints falling apart.... what the heck do i really have!


Senior Member
i ve been having really bad pain in my shoulder/arm for way too long, finally got an MRI and found out i have a labral tear, a detached muscle and cysts.

now this would not be super alarming except, I have labral tears in both my hips, and hip surgery performed on one already.

no i am not a Olympic athlete :rofl:

I have a fair amount of CCI symptoms and am getting another MRI on the neck ( T3) this week.

My main symptom have always been pain.... muscle pain, nerve pain, bone pain, joint pain.... on and on. Diagnosed with Fibro . I have had several car wrecks so my whiplash injuries is where this all started.

my new "me/cfs doc" says I absolutely have ME/CFS which is almost absurd thing to say without tests that can say we have anything "definitively"... not that I don't want a diagnosis I just want to know its the right one.

all of my symptoms really could be from pain, SEVERE insomnia, fatigue and brain fog playing off each other.

I am deeply depressed at this latest news, that surgery might be ahead again and that the rest of my joints are all showing signs of disintegration. My hip surgery had to be done but it didn't make much difference in pain.

wondering if anyone has any thoughts about seeing a doctor who does connective tissue disorders and if they have anyone they might recommend in California ... bay area best. thanks so much!!

hmnr asg

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I started having similar issues around the time my CFS started. I already had an FAI in both hips by 30 and had surgery on my right side by 32 (CFS started at 30).
I always thought perhaps my CFS is related to some kind of an autoimmune issue that is also attacking my cartilage. Or EDS, not sure! I also have nerve related issues. Fun stuff!
Stanford has a few orthopedic surgeons you could check out.