Jesse is cat-sitting for a week


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Jesse went to his brothers and sister-in-laws today. They will be away for a week and asked him to come take care of their cats. They have bribed him with an aparment full of food, computer, electronics of more kinds than I begin to comprehend, and ... privacy.

Something a homeschooler amongs 5 never got much of.

He's 19 and he's done it before for them, but this is longer and the new apartment is further away from us and in a bigger city. I wasn't sure if he should do it. Al said, that's crazy. Of course he can go.

So, off he has gone. So far, happy as a clam. He knows if he should take a downturn we will come and get him and the neighbour lady will watch the cats. But I'm hoping this week of complete solitude, and no outside time constraints will do him good.

And if he gets homesick he can always message us or... less likely... call us on the phone.

So here's hoping this is a good week for him, a chance to stretch out, have some independence and feel less like an invalid. :)