Jennifer Brea is missing ***Update: Found Safe!***

hmnr asg

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Hi everyone,
I'm posting this in hopes that the community can come together quickly to see if we can help locate Jennifer Brea who has been missing for two days. As you all know she is the creator of the CFS documentary Unrest and an invaluable member and advocate for the cfs community.

If anyone lives in Miami it would be particularly helpful.
The details are in the Facebook post by her husband Omar:


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If Jen is Ok, I"d suggest this thread be deleted for their privacy.................
Maybe instead of deleting the thread, it could stay but it could be locked by a moderator so that no new comments can be added?

I was thinking that if someone saw the thread yesterday and was worried about Jen being missing, then today they could see the new updated posts that she has been found safely. But with the thread locked, then it would be a "read only" thread and no one could add anything that could violate their privacy.