Janet Dafoe on Twitter: Ron wants to get blood samples before and after CCI surgery. If you live nearby come to genome center, ...


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perhaps, they could also sample blood from diagnosed pwmecfs AFTER surgery, means even if there is no sample from before surgery.

and follow them up until 2 years post surgery.
to see if the blood test values (nano needle, and whatever checks they may do) remain constant or change again.

some (twitter) argued its wasted money since they were misdiagnosed.
perhaps, but perhaps its a subgroup or similar.


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perhaps, but perhaps its a subgroup or similar.
Yes. If it's correct what I've previously posted that the nanoneedle is measuring mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP), then I'm thinking there's actually a good chance that someone with what amounts to a chronic injury to the central nervous system (brainstem or spinal cord) is going to have a positive result with the nanoneedle.

A reduced MMP, and therefore an increased impedance reading with the nanoneedle, I think is going to be a common feature of virtually any significant disease process, and injury to the CNS will similarly elicit various inflammatory cytokines and other mediators that seem likely to affect the MMP of the blood cells being tested with the nanoneedle.

I think the same applies to the test for red blood cell deformability as well, i.e., that it's likely to show reduced RBC deformability in CCI/AAI (and in spinal stenosis), at least where there are resulting symptoms that appear to be similar or identical to ME/CFS.

Edit: One of the things that potentially corroborates the above, I think, is that both Jeff and Jen were found to have low natural killer cell function (I believe). That's also not something a person might think to associate with a mechanical neck issue.
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