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Jackson Laboratory Researchers Looking Into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Hartford Courant newspaper)


ahimsa_pdx on twitter

Opening paragraphs:
FARMINGTON — Chronic fatigue syndrome, which afflicts as many as 1 million Americans, is going under the microscope at the Jackson Laboratory as researchers look for molecular clues to the little-understood illness.

The Farmington-based genomics research center has received a five-year, $3.3 million federal grant to screen blood samples for potential immunological biomarkers of the disease, formally known as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

The results will be used to develop better diagnostic tools and personal treatments for a disease that has stymied researchers, according to National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins said.

But here's the part that caught my eye:
Funding for research into the disease is estimated to rise to $7 million in 2017 from $5 million spent in 2012, according to the NIH.

Whoa, only a $2 million rise for 2017? :nervous: Can anyone confirm or deny those numbers?

If the paltry $2 million increase is confirmed then maybe this needs a new thread? But I'm really hoping that someone will say, don't worry, the reporter got his figures wrong.

I did not expect NIH funding for ME/CFS to rise to parity (e.g., $250 million) in a single year. I did expect the rise to be more than that. :(:aghhh:


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I don't think anybody knows the figure yet. Maybe the reporter is basing his estimate on grants that are already secured.