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IVIG benefits

my neurologist want to apply to insurance to our ministry of health for my idiopathic small fiber neuropathy. finally and I think this is the last step.
I mean it is not a great chance that it will be approved in the end. I know it is an expensive treatment.
I have lots of questions and your help and suggestions.
Are there anyone benefited from this treatment for sfpn? my pain levels are increasing and burning in my feet legs and arms too. my body feels like cement all together.
also I might have chronic infections . is it used for this aim too?
and what about side effects? I really wonder experiences of fellow small fibers neuropathy sufferers here. do they in remission or their symptoms at least lessened?
another question is about ldn. I ve just started it in a ultra low dose and get feeling of burning increased? what should I do? is it because of the dose and a solvable problem?
when will I begin to see improvements?
thanks a lot.