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Itchy Body after Starting Methylb12 and Folate

I'm taking 1.6 mg of folate twice a day and 1mg of methylb12 daily. I was fine for awhile and now I'm having itching episodes all over. I don't show a rash or anything it's just really itchy. I have read through multiple methlyation documents and have searched on this board and have tried:

Increasing folate intake (donut hole folate)
Increasing potassium citrate intake

those seem to be the most frequent suggestions based on symptoms but I'm still itchy. I have also read it might be an indication of high histamines but I think taking an anti-histamine is just covering up the symptom and not treating it, I must be taking too much or too little of something. Anyone have a suggestion I could give a try? It's not terrible just annoying at this point.