ISRIB to treat ME/CFS

We just gave her the powder with no DMSO since she cannot swallow capsules.
We have seemed to hit a stall in progress this past week with some regression of movement/spacial awareness and people recognition, so as of today we went back to the 30mg divided into 2 doses. I will update in another week and give progress.
Just wondering how it went. I’m in a similar situation.
Currently we are varying the dose amounts with her to have a hormetic effect and taking breaks to see if we get a different effect with each reintroduction. We are seeing positive shifts when we reintroduce. If we go above 30 mg, she gets very agitated. She seems to have more moments of clarity than a few months ago, but we are far from great cognition. I can say the ISRIB has given her a better quality of life right now as she is generally content and has a sense of humor she didn't have several months ago. Her fine motor skills and muscle tone seem to slowly improve and her body overall is in better condition than it was a year ago. She still needs someone with her 24/7, but overall we are pleased with her progress and enjoying the time we have with her.

On another note, I have seen a significant improvement in math skills and confidence with my 15 yo daughter who had a significant TBI when she was 6. I only gave her 2- 10 mg doses spaced out over 1 month with DMSO.

I have personally taken the ISRIB on 7 occasions with DMSO orally over the past 5 months. 15 mg each time. I felt a very flat affect after the 2nd dose for about 3 days and then it went away. After the 5th dose, I had a significant emotional release where I cried for a whole day, but was able to articulate why I was crying and the next day I felt amazing and have felt very calm and healthy emotionally since then. So very interesting.