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Island Offshore donates 400,000 kroner for ME research


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"Norwegian oil services company Island Offshore donates 400,000 kroner to the Norwegian ME Association to go to research at Haukeland University Hospital." -- Posted by Wildaisy


Island Offshore and NOK 400.000, - in Christmas gift to the Norwegian ME Association's work for ME research

Norwegian ME Association | Monday 16 December 2013
Staff at Island Offshore provides traditional faith Christmas gift means admission to a charity. This year it is the Norwegian ME associations receive monetary gift, and the sum is the total of 400.000, - NOK.

- This year's Christmas gift to all ME sick! The research offers great hope for a future friskare and increased quality of life, says Secretary General of the Norwegian ME Association, Gry Jensen Molland.

ME is better known as "chronic fatigue syndrome", and there is no have healing cure for the disease today. In 80 percent of cases occur ME acute after an infection, and hovdedtyngda of those diagnosed are women.

ME association has always been concerned with the research, and have fought to show that ME is a physical

- By supporting research at Haukeland University Hospital strengthens we hope for a solution of the ME riddle for those affected and their families. This is a disease that is seamless Surface, but still Raak hard. We have rarely seen someone so grateful recipient of the Christmas gift from us, says Jan Rise, HR and Administration Manager at Island Offshore.

ME The association is dependent on the collected funds to continue research in Haukeland, and the goal is to fully finance a multicenter study (antibody) Rituximab and ME. This immunomodulatory agent duck is used in cancer treatment, and a study done by the two cancer doctors Dr Øystein Fluge and Professor Olav Mella of Haukeland shows that it also has a good effect on ME sick. It is a follow-up study of these findings a no will in place.

Typical hallmark of the disease is physical and cognitive fatigue, flu feeling, sore throat, aches, hot hypersensitive to light, sound, smell and touch. The recovery period after activity is abnormally long, and the disease can be very disabling, however.

It is the crew on board the boats that decides who should get the award, and has previously Island Offshore adding support organizations like the Salvation Army, Cancer Association, Norwegian Air Ambulance and Rescue Company.
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We have rarely seen someone so grateful recipient of the Christmas gift from us, says Jan Rise, HR and Administration Manager at Island Offshore.
I am glad to see we are getting credit for being passionately appreciative of a good deed. We too often get bad press for being passionately opposed to mistreatment.