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Is CFS/ME a preexisting health condition to Coronavirus?


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Hi everyone I was a bit concerned about having CFS/ME being a.preexisting health conditon to the Coronavirus.When I hear about a Doctor dying from this in Mexico I worry since he most likely doesn't have a preexisting conditon.Being 34 years old and a US citizen in Mexico there have been a total of 60 deaths in the country and I worry about myself being in that category if the number exponentially goes up.Fear of being trapped in a situation where 50 percent of the population gets it

Thank you


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It seems there are two groups of people with ME/CFS those who catch everything and those who don’t. Dr Prusty has found evidence for the reason why some people with ME don’t catch short acting viruses like colds and flu, it’s that’s the mitochondria doesn’t have the fuel for the virus to live off. I am one of those people who rarely catch anything and believe I will be ok/at no more risk than anyone else. I do worry for the ones who catch anything going, however there have been strange reports of viruses making us feel better, the one time I did get a cold I felt better - it’s like it kicks the immune system in to working properly for a while. In my opinion this condition is so unpredictable and strange and unknown that it is not worth worrying about and we can just take the normal precautions everyone else is taking. Unless you are very obviously susceptible to every virus going. It may be easier for me to say that as I never catch anything.


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Taking the maximum precautions you can take is the best you can do. That is, if you have to go out at all, wear glasses, mask, and gloves. Then wash your hands and clothes when you return. It is a fairly involved process for someone with ME/CFS, but many of us can't take the chance of getting any sicker. Life right now is a lot like playing one of those biohazard survival video games. Except there aren't any zombies to fight off.