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Is a combo of fexofenadine and SAMe safe to take?


Senior Member
I looked at the drug interactions of fexo and there was no mention of toxicity being used with an antidepressant. I'm a little confused as I thought antihistamines interact with serotonin.

I got some positive results from taking SAMe for the first time yesterday whilst also taking fexo. Is it wise to continue? It defo seemed to be reducing some intercrannial pressure and relieving tension in my head, felt like it was finally opening up my cognition to some degree.

Dose of fexofenadine is 180mg
SAMe dose was 200mg


Senior Member
Maybe check with your pharmacist? They're usually the experts on things like this. If I'm worried about any potential interactions or side-effects, I usually ring the local pharmacy – they're always really helpful.