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Irritable Bowel With Urgency In Relapses.

Chelmsford, England
I am going through quite a nasty relapse at the moment and find my stomach always joins in with the other symptoms.Gurgling and generally rejecting what I eat, leading to sometimes rather a quick trip to the loo with loose bowel movements/diarrhoea. At the moment I am also having a sore throat and general sinus stuffy feeling, and have been awake in the night with palpitations and sweating episodes.

I don't eat diary and wheat and all the usual culprits, and aside from this nasty relapse I have been much better on the IBS front for a while now. Does anyone else find thier bowel symptoms start up when they are in a relapse, especially interested to hear from anyone also suffering with these urgent toilet trips/loose motions as they are unnerving to say the least.


Senior Member
Olympia, wa
Yup I do. As a matter of fact that's been an ongoing problem. I had 2 years of seeing various internists and gastro people around that and the burny nerve type pain I was getting up under my ribs. All they coulde ever tell me (even after endoscopies, ultrosounds and ct's) is that my entire gi tract was all imflamed and they had no clue as to why.

Mine started getting better when I cut ALL refined sugar and honey, went very low starch and fruit, and started taking probiotics twice a day without fail. This on top of the GFCF thing. Took a few months to have effect, but better now. I noticed another huge improvement within days of starting on cimetidine as well. I'll just call that a side benefit :) Haven't had a loose movement in over a week after 10+ of that being my 'norm'


Senior Member
Sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch ... the upside is that you know about food intolerances so you're on the right path ...

I haven't had a relapse in over a year ... KOW ... and that one was after being exposed to gluten constantly for 3 weeks while out of town and catching a nasty cold. Basically, my relapse was that I was just tired and had a cold .... it lasted about a month. The fear of having one is never gone though ...

The problem with getting to the root of digestive symptoms like these is that our bodies change over time and a food that we once could tolerate is out now and ones that we could never handle are good all of the sudden ... for me this doesn't include the biggies like gluten or dairy just things like romain lettuce, onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc ... I just gave up romain lettuce last week after eating it for 3 years ... for some reason, other raw veggies are great now though ...

Do you have a safe foods diet ? For most people this is plain chicken, rice, peas, asparagus, applesauce and pears ... going on this kind of diet will allow your body to heal. Once you're digestion is good again you can add back another veggie, fruit, etc as long as it's only one food at a time ...

When it comes to probiotics, whatever the RDA on the bottle says, I still take these 3 - 4 times a day ... mine need to be gluten and dairy free too. Country life dairy free and megaflora work for me ...

Oh and take a look at your supplements too for digestive problems. I was surprised how much better I felt after I stopped taking so many ...

Take care and hope you feel better soon ...