IPL / Laser Hair removal with Thermal Allodynia ?


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Melbourne , Australia
well before I had proper CFS but in retrospect, very much on my journey to it, I got Thermal Allodynia after being pretty ravaged by epstein barr at the end of primary/elementary school around age 13.

one HUGE thing that wipes me out these days as an EDS = CFS/POTS guy is shaving, exfoliation + hair removal.
I'm a hairy guy AND I shave my face and head and as part of EDS I assume, I shed skin a fair bit.

for many years I've wanted to get IPL / laser removal on a couple of large areas so I never have to use removal cream (put on by somebody and cleaned off after the prescribed activation time) again OR do what I did in the earlier 2000s and get it waxed off.

has anybody with some kind of funky neuropathy/allodynia had IPL stuff done ?

mine manifests like this.. rapidly heating my body from being cool e.g. sitting inside on a winter day then stepping out into the cold to start hauling firewood pieces inside activates the allodynia, suddenly briskly walking on a warmer day, stepping out from air conditioning into summer heat and when Im particularly underslept, even someone saying something to make me centre of attention *warms my face with embarassment* enough that I get the sensation.

the sensation is anywhere from the waist to the top of my head and is randomly jumping around, feels like double digits even approaching triple digits of points where it feels like something fine and sharp pressing into the skin then lifting back up - like microscopic hooks or something.

my wife asked me if it was still one of those things in the back of my head that I'd like to get done and it majorly is. having heaps of weirdly placed body hair regrowth bothers me as much as the weight that inability to exercise has gifted me.
I'm actually scared that Im close enough in age to where it might turn grey or white and not be removable as IPL relies on the pigment in the hair to transfer the energy to kill the root.

will IPL likely trigger agony and make me leap off the bed ?