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IOM Contract - FOIA Request


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Posted by Wildaisy:
On October 16, 2013, I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with HHS to obtain the IOM Contract and supporting documents. The FOI Act requires that I receive a response within 20 business days. Today, approximately 90 days later, I received a response from NIH.

Not only did they take more than 20 days to reply, but the response I received was blatantly insufficient and did not comply with the law....


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Here is the response that I made on the MECFS Forums to Wildaisy's post.
See reply #3 to this posting at http://www.mecfsforums.com/index.php/topic,18942.msg158116.html#msg158116.
What do I think??!! Wally's head is spinning out of control.

I think they have lost their minds over at the HHS. Have they forgotten that at the end of the day they work for the citizens of the United States? This is not a game of cat and mouse. I can assure you, Jeannette and the rest of the ME/CFS community who are appalled by this kind of behavior that Wally will be making sure that people in positions of power in Washington are aware of what has and is currently going on at the HHS.

I am mad and I hope others are as well.
(Thanks Jeannette for finding this great clip and posting it on your blog - it is now up on my YouTube Channel to go along with my other ME/CFS videos. See Jeannette's blog at http://thoughtsaboutme.com/).

But while some may be taking a little longer to understand what is happening with their government and to realize it is time to get mad, I have moved past mad and I am stepping up to let my voice be heard! See, http://www.mecfsforums.com/index.php/topic,18899.new.html#new

Thank you Patricia, Jeannette and so many other people who are doing the same.

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