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Invest in ME London Conference Videos — Now Available for Free on YouTube


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I just noticed that Invest in ME have uploaded hundreds of their ME/CFS conference videos to their YouTube channel.

Previously these excellent conference presentations by leading ME/CFS researchers and clinicians were only available if you bought them on DVD. But now Invest in ME have uploaded nearly 200 videos to YouTube, which can be viewed for free.

These Invest in ME conference videos are longer and more in-depth than the short video interviews on Llewellyn King's ME/CFS Alert YouTube channel.

So if you have a favorite researcher or clinician, you might like to go to the Invest in ME channel and search for their name.

Here are some searches I performed on the Invest in ME channel for various ME/CFS luminaries:
Just click on any researcher or clinician above to see the presentations they have given at the London Invest in ME conferences.
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