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Interview with Dr. Mark Vink (English version)


Senior Member
Big applause for this interview!! Nice to see it translated on your website:)

The interview was in one of the bigger papers in the Netherlands last saturday. I viewed it with blendle.
On sunday the article was the headline from blendle:thumbsup:
and on monday is was the most often viewed article of the weekend:thumbsup:

I'm liking the attention:):)


Senior Member
As someone who lives not far from the Dutch border, I'm very impressed by the Dutch patient community as a whole. They are 40.000 pwME vs. 300.000 in the neighbor country Germany, but have much, much more advocacy work going on - great Millions Missing events (the one in Den Haag seemed huge, loved the pictures), several buildings + a bridge + a train station in blue light on international ME day this year, regularly translate articles (e.g. trial by error by David Tuller), organized a visit and talk by Linda Tannenbaum on the worldwide OMF End ME/CFS tour, have already announced several Unrest screenings, the blogs by Lou and Anil, the articles and research by Mark... :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Senior Member
Haha. Yes mine too. It's great because it's the first article by this journalist where the Dutch PACE-trial friends were not asked for their opinion.
She always put a little section with them talking down any advances that were being made like for example in Norway or whatever. So this is quite a switch. It's very positive and big....
Yesss normally they always let the 'Dutch Wessely' have his say, reducing the impact of the content of the article. But now this time! :D