Interpreting CIRS results

Could someone please help interpret my CIRS blood panel results?
It’s through Redlabs so the range & (some) units are different than Shoemaker.
I hoped to gain some insight into wether mold or more likely Lyme or more likely Bartonella or all of the above were a problem.. and maybe a hint if I’m still in mold.

a-MSH elevated -> usually low in CIRS; can be elevated du to the pill or pregnancy - both don’t apply to me -> another explanation?

CA4s normal -> elevated when currently exposed to mold but also was found elevated in Lyme patients, but after >5 years of chronic lyme it was found to decrease below normal range -> so possibly currently being exposed to mold & having chronic Lyme for over 5 years at the same time would possibly make a normal result

MMP-9 decreased -> no idea, usually high in CIRS; someone said when it’s extremely low it could possibly be linked to cancer formation but I have not found a source for this

TGFBETA1-S elevated -> high in CIRS

VIP decreased to 0 -> low in mold-related CIRS

VEGF normal -> VEGF can go down in the presence of indoor molds. But in case Bartonella + mold, VEGF can look normal; so either mold & Bartonella or VEGF is actually normal or another explanation


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