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International Sock Ambassadors Wanted


Plays With Voodoo Dollies
To get the word out internationally about the Sock it 2 ME/CFS project we could use some
Sock Ambassadors from different countries. If you would like to promote the Sock
it 2 ME/CFS project in your country please post it here, stating country and how you
plan to promote the Sock it 2 ME/CFS project.


I have beautiful sock lapel pins (see picture) here and will send one to the first
person from each country to become a Sock Ambassador (as long as supply lasts).
The little socks on the pins were hand knitted by Talkingfox and make beautiful
conversation starters.

I will PM you and ask for shipping address.

For those of you that would like to have a sock lapel pin, but not become a Sock
Ambassador, you can get one by mailing a $20 or more donation to the sock project:

If you'd like a small thank you, please mail your contribution to Sock it 2 ME/CFS, 120 State Ave. NE #216, Olympia, Wa. 98501-8212, USA. We can't do it via paypal, but mail your check or money order for $5 or more and receive a blue ribbon lapel pin. Send in $20 or more and receive a hand-knit mini-sock lapel pin that's sure to elicit questions when you wear it: so many teaching opportunities from this cute conversation piece. If you include a color preference we will do our best to match it, and if you prefer non-animal yarn (acrylic rather than wool) please let us know.



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Senior Member
As the German Sock Ambassador (wow, there's something I never thought I would be!) I am promoting the project on my blog http://verlorene-zeit.blogspot.com.

A dear friend of mine was kind enough to write the piece and translate all the "sock data" to German, so all the credit really belongs to her :) It also features a picture of my very own sock made by the wonderful spindrift!!

I also posted a link to our German Facebook group "Aktion ME/CFS" (closed to the public).

Let's get those socks out!!


Off the fence
I'm working on it in the UK. We will be getting a site together, and are mailing groups. I will be able to put up mailing details and email contact soon.


Senior Member
Olympia, wa
Have I told you guys today that you're utterly AWESOME?????

The amount of support for this project makes me get all teary. thank you all so very much!!!


Eastern High Sierra
What tfox said. Wow.

I was feeling crestfallen because I googled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and found ZERO news stories on our Awareness Day. But now I am feeling so uplifted by the participation in the sock project. We are going to make the media take notice.


Plays With Voodoo Dollies
Germany and UK covered. Where are the other countries? Anyone?

Thank you Nina and Jace.

For those writing about the socks please do write about the exact measurements as Talkingfox
needs the socks to be in certain limits to make the garlands work. It would be sad to see people
making socks and then they could not be accommodated on the garlands.

I will post them here with conversion to the metric systems as many countries use it.

Adult sock:

Length (top to heal): 16 inches or 40.5 cm (please try to come close to this length)
Top edge width: maximum 12 inches or 30,5 cm (can be narrower)
Heal to toe: maximun 12 inches or 30.5 cm (can be shorter)

Child sock:

Length (top to heal): 10 inches or 25.5 cm (please try to come close to this length)
Top edge width: maximum 8 inches or 20,5 cm (can be narrower)
Heal to toe: maximun 8 inches or 20.5 cm (can be shorter)