"Insights into My Chronic Illness" (for loved ones) (2021) (The Bateman Horne Center)

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This one isn't that specific to any one condition. I thought it was very good and it would be great if loved ones would read it (though making that happen might be easier said than done).

"Written from the perspective of an individual with chronic illness to a caregiver, friend, spouse, etc. This letter provides insight into the patient experience and how you can support them. "

here: https://batemanhornecenter.org/insights-into-my-chronic-illness/ Extract:
"My Spoons Are Precious/Honor How I Use Them:

Spoon theory is a metaphor used to describe the amount of mental or physical energy a person has available for daily activities and tasks. A spoon represents a unit of energy allocated to each exertion. I must use each spoon (unit of energy) wisely so that I don’t run out before the end of the day.

Because things are such a roller coaster, this can affect my mental health. It can sometimes feel like my life is out of control because I cannot control my own body and what it decides to feel on any given day. Depression and anxiety tend to be higher in people with chronic illness. Because of this, there is a balancing act between trying to take care of my physical needs and emotional needs.

It is helpful when you can help take care of my physical needs, so that I can focus on meeting my emotional needs. For example, when you offer to drive or do the dishes, you just saved several of my spoons so I can use them elsewhere in my day. My spoons are my lifeline. Please support me in how I use them."

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