Informal poll on Covid-19 vaccine responses


I'm taking an informal poll on the experience of ME-CFS patients who have gotten any of the Covid-19 vaccines. Essentially, I'm interested in what vaccine you got and what your reaction was. I do not want to start a debate on whether one should or should not get a vaccine. I merely want to see if the responses in this smaller sample lean one way or another.

I'm a caregiver of a family member with ME-CFS. In the spirit of sharing, I got the Pfizer vaccine and did not have any reactions other than tiredness. However, I would not count my results since I am a caregiver and not a patient.

Thank you in advance.



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My husband had the Moderna vaccine and did experience some mild side-effects after the second dose. He also had a sore arm both times. The arm was the usual thing one expects after any vaccination.

I had the Pfizer vaccine and experienced a very painful arm for weeks. However, I do believe that was the fault of the nurse who gave it to me.

My second dose was easy....sore arm, and nothing else except some chills. Hope this will help you. Yours, Lenor