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Indigenous people of siberia tolerate tick borne infections better, have more resilience


Senior Member
I suspect microbiome. Indigenous people have substantially different microbiomes which modern societies have largely lost and they seem to have much better resilience to a host of diseases as a result. Those with biomes closer to them also seem to suffer diseases substantially less. But who knows it could be toxins in our environment and exposure to pathogens at a higher rate and all sorts that makes modern human life style substantially worse. I could potentially just be more resilient as the genes weren't selected out by a plague at some point in the last 4000 years of high density civilization. Way too many variables to know. I don't think we will know until we can develop a microbiome transfer/introduction and determine it works or it doesn't.


Senior Member
i would guess that it would just be in large part to their immune systems being generally more robust and adapted to the environment to which they live.

they will not be exposed to as many toxins and other insults as most of us in the West ( many of which have been demonstrated to be disruptive to our endocrine systems for example)

indigenous people typically also live in harmony with their environment in sustainable ways - this means they tend to sleep when its dark and work when it light, have close knit social groups, and lead physically active lives, and are generally more contented (all of which have positive health impacts ) - not obsessed with year-on-year growth, keeping up with the next big thing or how many comments their pics on TikTok got,

they have also been living with these microbes for Millenia so there will have bee some natural selection towards greater immunity in that time.

the microbiome is itself closely tied to our immune system - most of which resides in the gut and is "trained" by what it finds there - but i would see it as a subset of the above - rather than the only or main factor