In the hospital in nyc having bad flair post surgery. Need help , including in person help


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Please help me. Do have one caregiver but caregiver is chronically I'll too. Hardest recovery I've ever done. I'm too in pain and sick to look at phone screen much or research but there are some things I need help with that doctors aren't going to figure out. So can someone please help me , in person or in some other way. If u are a moderately I'll person or ally in nyc area this is a way u could help. Desperate. Time sensitivity

Rufous McKinney

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I'm so sorry your alone and need help and things must be very difficult right now for you.

This is the hard part, so you can feel better- so its just tough post surgery, I cannot even imagine it, in our state of affairs.

Your very brave- so know that!

Will try to see what we can do to find you some help.......


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I’m sure it probably won’t be of help here but I’ve found malic acid to be helping me a lot recently. I’ve gone from bed bound to out the house. On @aaron_c ‘s research


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I tried to send a direct message to @checkmate but it reported back I can't message the person.....
He is a relatively new member, but I just added full membership privileges for him--you can PM him now, @Rufous McKinney. If you have trouble again, please PM me and I will get it straightened out.

Edited to add: since this situation is urgent, I went ahead and contacted @checkmate. Thanks for remembering them, @Zebra, and for trying to reach them @Rufous McKinney.
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