In Memory of Frantisek Rajtoral

Where does it say he had CFS? I've read he suffered from depression.
Yes, wikipedia says.

I am not surprising you read he suffered from depression. Because media and most of doctors don't believe there is a serious disease called CFS. Reason of depression is more acceptable for them. How can we tell them depression can be a result of this disease.


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I dont want to make doubts about his diagnosis but I think it´s not sure that he had CFS. I think you cannot be a professional sportman with this diagnosis. I know it from my own experiences. I was a professional football player but I had to stop it after few weeks after I got CFS and I have to say that my CFS wasnt that bad during the first 8 years - I worked full-time but to do sport was impossible. You would collapse because your muscle and heart weakness dont allow it.
I also read many czech articles about this sad story and they all mix the terms CFS, chronic fatigue, depression,..
So we would need more informations if he really had CFS but anyway it´s a sad story. In czech republic there is no doctor who is expert in CFS and the authorities and medical guidelines even dont recognise CFS.