Important.. Adelaide and Sth Australia people


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Sth Australia
The premier is currently doing an inquiry on disability issues in SA to introduce new legistaltions etc. TONIGHT in the city, there is another meeting which you can attend to have a say.

I went to a meeting today and shared the issues i face due to having CFS/ME and other health issues, (about 40 people were there with all kinds of disabilities, half of those were the heads and workers from the various health organisations, the others were the disabled and their families and friends).

This hasnt been well advertised at all but whatever we say at these meetings goes to the premier who is wanting to bring some changes for us. There is only ONE meeting left for Adelaide, that being in the Adelaide CBD area, Pilgrim Centre, Flinders St 7.00pm-9.00pm.

Their leaflet says there isnt a need to book thou they prefer it .. (08) 8226 1840 or email ... you can just show up and have your say about what is wrong in the disability fields!!! The more of us who can speak out, the more likely things will be changed!!

Topics i brought up were ..
* issues with Centrelink. Hard for those with CFS/ME to get disability allowance as the process is so hard when we are so sick!
* Lack of services for us and how we are discriminated against.
* Government forms which dont cater for those who have an up and down kind of illness ... not suitable for us.
* Our court system which is wrong when it comes to those with disabilities eg I was forced to plead guilty to something I didnt do to get help due to disability throu our court system.

Similar meetings are going to be held at Ceduna, Cooper Pedy, Mt Gambier, Port Pirie, Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Berri, Murray Bridge, Kingscote .. from 2nd Sept till the 23rd of sept. phone or email the above contact to find out more or go to the link i provided at top to find out the dates and times.. if you are willing and able to speak up with what is wrong with anything to do with disability.