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Immunologist Dr. Nancy Klimas on Covid-19 and ME/CFS


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I took notes

"You probably are at a greater risk if exposed" your cells that protect you from virus are less functional

Most of you have plenty of these cells but they'v been working so hard they've depleted their resources

You should be "a little more at risk" for community acquired infection- not the same as cancer
You are "modestly" immune compromised ... You should still take extra precautions

1. All the basics- hand washing, social distancing
ME patients have been doing this for years!

2. Clean all surfaces in your home and car. Be careful about chemicals- use soap and water or alcohol instead of Lysol

3. Masks? Mostly helpful for the actively sick people to wear them to protect others. It does something, you can wear a mask it might help a little.

4. RE: Virus life cycle
It goes up through your nose, into your airwaves, and has to attach to a cell up there (in your nose)
Anything to rinse those cells = "like hand washing but for your nose"

You can rinse your nose, particularly after going out in public
Some products coat your nose with something that block viruses from binding
Xylitol nose sprays
They don't get into airways
Canada and Europe there's cellulose sprays
You might already be using during flu season (look for allergy prevention or anti-viral branding, if the anti-vitals are all gone look for the allergy prevention ones)

Take your medicines as prescribed! so the virus doesn't have as good of a chance at getting in

6. Improve immune function

"There's two things wrong with your cells that are anti viral. They'v been working so hard they've used up their nutrients they need to kill viruses. The other is their energy pathways have been impaired because cells turned on all the time create oxidative stress, and the way to deal with that is to shut down energy production to reduce oxidative stress."

A. How to improve oxidative stress nutrients
Really healthy foods are best, but most don't have energy "to chop chop chop" all the green stuff

So you use supplements
Gold standard core supplements are:
CO Q 10 (Ubiquinol) - 200 mg during high stress times (say for a month or two), then go to 50-100 mg/day
NAC- 600 mg 1x or 2x day, might be a little low in this situation, don't take at bedtime
Glutathione - good one but doesn't absorb well unless you can find liposomal forms those are well absrobed
Vitamin C
Carnitine (often these two combined in anti oxidant tablet)

Do all this BEFORE you drive the cells to work harder:

B. THEN after add supplements that boost cell function, these are:
B-12 and folate - maybe 20-30 % of people don't have right genetics to metabolize
Most people taking methyl or hydroxy B12 or Methyl Folate -

Good anti-viral: Immunovir available in Canada and Europe - improves cytotoxic function
She relies on it heavily

Not in US so we use over the counter
isopinosine or inosine
Use good quality sources
Use labeled dose
Caution: these are amino acids that go down degradation pathway that can causes gout so hydrate well and only take 5 days/week

there is a paper on isopinosine for upper respiratory tract infections which is a thing in corona virus

Don't Panic
Public health systems are responding aggressively

Expect this whole thing to wind down June-July that's what corona viruses do they peak in March-April

If you are experiencing anxiety reach out to a professional you do not want to relapse!

No one better than ME patients at social isolation

Be careful to not isolate yourself to the point of depression