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Immune modulators to support th1


Senior Member
Los Angeles, USA
One theory with CFS is that our immune systems are activated in Th1 mode. This means it's turned on and attacking threats from outside the cells (such as bacteria), and so it's not paying enough attention to fighting threats from inside the cell (such as viruses and cancer). I found a list of possible supplements for this: transfer factor, inosine, oxymatrine, astragalus, AHCC (active hexose correlated compound), Epicor, IP6, grape seed extract.

Anyone have an opinion?


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australia (brisbane)
i thought it was more that the immune system was under reacting to infections and over reacting to allergy type things which is why alot of people get sensitivities to many meds and foods etc. I also think that some are just under reactiviating to infections and no problems with allergy side of things, which i think is/was me. Also not sure if immune suppression caused from chronic infections or chronic infections occur from immune supression, either way fixing it can help.

Fixing hormones could be another avenue to explore as well.