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Just noticed that the Ampligen article needs a little bit of updating:
" Hemispherx replied and after both the drug and the company went under further reviews the FDA passed the drug onto the final review; we’ll probably know by spring 2009 whether Ampligen will become the first FDA-approved drug for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)."

Feel free to delete this after the article is updated.

Thanks Cort!

Rachel xx
Cort, hi, am new to the forum, are there many people treated in uk with ivig over five days? I have just completed this, thrid time round. I would like to share experience with thos similar but i cqnt find amyone else , everyone else who had it seems to be in USA. I was tiven it as my illness has traits of myasthenia, sero negative.


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Where in the forum is a list of the common infections with cfids and how to interpret tests.
Especially all the various viruses.