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I'm Going to Try 2 Things for Mold


Mold *is* an issue for many of us who can't detox and have multiple chronic infections. Given vulnerable genetics--mold toxins can add on to mercury toxins, gut bug toxins, lyme toxins etc. My mold symptoms in my place improve markedly with ventilation(window fans) in warmer months. Therefore I regard them as basically spore-driven, allergy *and* toxin mediated, and reduced to a nonreactive level by ventilation.

I looked into a heat recovery ventilator--a window unit--that would pull in and warm fresh air in winter but it was exorbitant ($850) and 23 inches long--requiring bracing on the outside that would deface my building. I can just see my landlord allowing that? NOT.

I am looking at the NQ filter which is also exorbitant, but is used in hospital settings and gets rid of mold and bacterial vocs and spores. I already use Austin which is a great basic workhorse and have used them for 20 years or so. They get pretty dirty in NYC pretty quickly. I may add the NQ filter in my bedroom only, but want to talk to them first.

My friend Jo Davidson, who has ME/CFS/lyme and is also a composer/singer/photographer/radio host and accomplished at all of it, interviewed this scientist who solves spore problems with a very high end essential oil diffuser and Thieves' blend:


I found his atomizer for cheaper elsewhere on the web--the one that he really feels disperses essential oils at a strong enough flow rate to reduce and kill mold spores. I don't like Young Living as a company so am going to ask Nature's Gift to make me a special blend. I'll call Madge (the owner) next week.

Then I will be able to report back if I solve or help my winter mold issues (when I have to close my windows and end up with asthma).

I also have one room that I think is a problem and have closed off--it had built in shelving near the radiator and leaking windows (old windows replaced 10 years ago)--that were about 50 years old. They had dry rot. When I removed them I really got reactive in that room. I was planning an experiment of denny foiling/taping the room after a thorough cleaning and seeing if I could wall off spores. But now I'm going to try the essential oil thing instead and just keep it running in that room, and have another diffuser for the rest of my apartment. However I DO think barrier methods work and AFM foil and tape or reflectix or even mylar blankets which are 10 for $10 can work. Ventilation and barrier methods are very effective. I saw a post on a yahoo group of air quality professionals by a guy who got very sick from mold--and his father's home was moldy. He usually was laid flat by visiting. He put a tent on the porch and a honeywell filter in the tent to create so much air circulation that no mold spores could attack him. He slept well and was energetic the next day.

By the way, Lisa/Slayadragon started a thread on Mike's social group that I hope Cort will move over (with Lisa's agreement?) to new treatments section. Mike's doc is not specially focussed on mold, but Lisa is. Mike does say he got out of a toxic mold place early in his serious illness. But he continued to decline anyway. Anyway, it's better to have mold treatments over in this section I think.


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Central Texas
jenbrooks essential oils

Thanks for posting this.

I'm interested in anything which helps in any way, though some of those who have gotten well say half measures won't do it.

Though 100% is my goal, I can't leave town right now. Maybe I can at least reduce the incoming toxin load, at least in my house.

I was thinking of buying some Thieves Oil for the flu season anyway. Somewhere I read to use lavender with it, if you're not allergic.

For years now, I've been treating myself with eucalyptus oil, every other night. I wonder if that helps with my inner fungus.

My doctor talked me into her new allergy treatment, which is next-generation NAET. I treated mold, and maybe it helped a bit, or maybe it made me worse. I'm doing too many new things to know.

Next treatment, I will ask her to do inner mold, as I know for sure that's an issue.

Long ago when my son had asthma, I was told not to use ozone air purifiers. The story was, they cause the dust to clump up by the electrostatic charge. Those clumps are actually more damaging to people with asthma. :confused:

So I think ozone would help if you weren't there when it was going on and someone vacuumed for you after. Just a thought.

Yes, let's buy some space blankets. The latest Nat Geo Adventurer had a great section on 10 disasters and how to survive. One with higher probability is an electrical grid failure. So those are good to have.

Forebearance reported that she was able to block something that was bothering her (mattress?). Just don't go out in public with it on your head, or people will wonder:D

Let us know if you are able to tell any difference. I would like to try this!