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I had the AtlasPROfilax treatment


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Based on some good reports here and some positive reviews online (there are a few bad reports as well), in my desperation for some relief of my symptoms I went for the AtlasProFilax treatment. I definitely have some head/neck issues and have some tenderness in the base of skull/atlas area. I feel tenderness there especially when I move vigorously and often get a pulling/pressure sensation there when standing up. This can sometimes lead to me feeling very unwell, disorientated sensitive to light etc. In general my head just feels off, pressured, dizzy, not right.

I had the treatment yesterday and was somewhat disappointed at how brief it was. It involved the use of their designed tool which has a nib on the end of a meddle rod that goes in and out against your skin, and they gradually apply more and more pressure to the base of the skull/side of the upper neck area with the nib going in and out supposedly releasing the muscle/soft tissue in the area to then allow the Atlas bone to be freed and move into its correct position.

The practitioner I used who I won't name yet and will reserve judgment on until I've given it some time, did the treatment to my neck and I'd say it only lasted about 4 minutes or so on each side of the neck. It's quite a vigorous 'massage' with a lot of pressure and for some might be quite uncomfortable, but I just felt like it wasn't enough to create any real lasting change.

Admittedly for a few hours after the session I felt as though my head and neck were more comfortable and more lose. It gave me some hope but now the next day, I'm not sure I feel any different to how I did before the treatment. My head and neck feel odd and uncomfortable again.

I will give it time as supposedly now the atlas is in alignment (which is what they claim) then my healing will happen over time. But I don't hold out much hope. I get a second treatment included in the price but at this point I have little faith in the practitioner and feel I should ask for a refund if nothing improves.

Did anyone else who had this treatment experience anything similar? How long did your treatment last? Not the appointment itself but the actually tool/massage on the neck? I feel it might have actually done something more significant if the treatment lasted longer.


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Great Lakes
I didn't do well with Atlas Chiropractic. I went for probably over a year. (Not sure if this AtlasProfilax is the same thing.) The treatment made my C1 and C2 more hyper mobile in my case.

I do like going to the regular chiropractor but he works on the full spine which makes more sense from a pain/alignment standpoint to me.

Unfortunately, I've only had a couple visits where I felt a little more "energetic" after my current chiropractor has adjusted everything so neither type of chiropractic has ever really improved the ME. :(


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Ashland, Oregon
I didn't do well with Atlas Chiropractic. I went for probably over a year. (Not sure if this AtlasProfilax is the same thing.)

Hi @Judee,

Atlas Chiropractic is totally different from Atlas Profilax. It's normally a one-time only "re-positioning" of the atlas done in such a way that it stays locked into place. That's the hope anyway. My understanding is that it doesn't stay locked in place for a small minority, something like 5-10%.
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