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I got infected by HERV-K and found it by Metagenome sequencing.

Hello everybody. This is Richard from China and I am 41 yrs old.

Some yrs before I heard about the ME/CFS and once a time I got infected by trichomonad in my throat, I was mistakenly thought I had ME/CFS and later I was treated well so I forgot this forum.

This yr at end of January I had kiss with a lady then I felt some symptoms and later after some months the situation kept worse and I made a Metagenome sequencing I want to check if some bacteria but unexpected I saw the data shows the HERV-K and now I confirm it is due to the retrovirus.

I now can confirm my disease is got infected by HERV-K. because last year I also did some sequencing for my symptoms of urine system, throat ichy and found the babesia parasites and aomeba parasites but no some virus. And the symptoms of last year was totally different with this year. I was easy sleeping and every day slept 8~10 hours but now I only slept 4~6 hours then wake up.

The disease like in your body has a nuclear plant. it burns your body as nuclear fuel, never stop or slow down. It is totally different with any other infections. It exhausts our immune system and getting worse.

The only hope is in the future to treat the disease by Gene Editing technologies. Now seems the CARVER/ CAS 13 Gene editing technologies of Doctor Feng ZHANG will be possibly the real hope.

To treat ourselves in the future should have as more patients be statistics as possible. If the patients quantities is few. Even in the future there is some technologies can treat us but maybe there will be no one organization want to do it.

I hope everyone can find out your real pathogene so we can treat them by the correct method and clear strategies.

I suggest you use Metagenome or RNA Virus sequencing to find out your pathogene. I did tried 16S, 18S and ITS 2 yrs ago but seems not suitable method.

Welcome any discussion.