Hypoglycemia: what helped the most

I got a lot of useful advices on treating hypoglycemia
But after many days of testing with the glucometer, I've found out that I don't need to be as strict with my diet if I'm as strict as possible with just one rule.

That rule is to avoid liquid food as much as possible.
I read somewhere that humans are not suited to liquid foods, the body doesn't deal properly with liquid calories, doesn't signal satiety and hunger properly when the food is liquid rather than solid and so on.

I also learned that liquid foods raise and crash my blood sugars as no other food, not even table sugar. I think it's because liquid carbs/proteins are absorbed immediately, acting like fast sugars and causing our pancreas to overeact by releasing excessive insulin and causing the crash.

I tested fruit juices and they had the worse effect, even when they were organic, 100% fruit or freshly squeezed, even berry juices, watered down juices and juice made with the juicer. Orange juice is one of the worse and I learned that its potassium content could be the reason why.

I tried protein shakes and they weren't any better. Whether they contained maltodextrins or were pure protein powder in water or milk, they still were absorbed too fast and triggered an insulin overeaction.

Drink yogurt, milk, whole milk, oat milk, soy milk and almond milk did the same to my blood sugar, regardless of what I drank them with. Tea with honey, even little honey, was bad.

Soft-drinks and I expected it, were pretty bad too but so were the stuff with artificial sweeteners which is weird as they are not even sugar but I guess no one really knows how they work in the long term. It goes without saying that wine and beer didn't score any better.

I then tried soups, smoothies, blended stuff, grain porridges but still the same result.
The liquid makes the carb/protein absorption too fast so does the breakage of the food structure when food is blended or mashed and so does the combination of mushy starches and liquid milk/water from the porridge. Mashed potatoes (whether russet or sweet/yams) worked in the same way.

I counterchecked my findings and tried similar but solid foods instead.
Roasted potatoes didn't crash my blood sugar as a potatoes and leeks soup did, greek yogurt didn't crash my blood sugar as drink yogurt did, a piece with cake with 1 teaspoon of sugar in it didn't crash my blood sugar as 1/2 teaspoon of sugar dissolved in milk did, the same amonut of protein powder mixed with yogurt didn't crash my blood sugar as a protein shake did.

Maybe it's my body but I shared this info with other hypoglycemic already and they noticed it's the same for them and now feel better by following the rules. I'm pretty sure your hypoglycemia will improve 70-80% already and this is expecially useful for young people with ME and hypo who don't want to suddenly get overly obsessed and worried with food and don't know what to do.

The rules:

drink only water with your meals (not even tea or sweetened stuff)
never drink fruit juice even if you juiced or squeezed it yourself or added water
avoid wine and beer
avoid orange juice of any kind
don't use protein shakes a protein bar is better and eggs are even better
don't drink milk of any kind (cow, goat, soy, almond, hemp, rice, oat)
avoid soups and blended food
avoid grain porridges whether it's oat, millet, quinoa or rice
avoid all artificial and non artificial sweeteners
if you want something sweet eat something solid (like a square of chocolate or a slice of apple pie, rather than something liquid where sugar have been dissolved into it)

If you you have hypoglycemia and want to try, let me know how this works for you.