Hydroxyapatite Toothpastes for Dentin

Tiger Lily 813

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Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has looked into the different types of hydroxyapatite toothpastes. I have had some transparent marks in my front teeth for about a year now (the dentin inside is the issue... it's not erosion on the outside). I also have ezcema, asthma sometimes, fatigue, reactions to most supplements.

About the hydroxyapatite, I'm not sure if it's better to use a natural source (I found one that uses powdered bone from grass-fed cattle) or the nano manmade form?

Also in my research, I saw someone asking about the particle shapes... this sounds specific, but if it binds to your teeth, I'd think it's important to get the right kind...

I'm going to make a calcium-based tooth powder that was suggested on another thread too and maybe pH strips, in case that is an issue.

I'd really appreciate any info on the hydroxyapatite toothpaste so I can try that out. I know I also need to work on my overall health, but it's been tough lately with all my reactions. I'm also trying to find environmental triggers and address MCAS/histamine.

Thank you :)


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Hello @Tiger Lily 813.....I'm 74 and my husband is going on 77 yrs. old. We both have some transparency in our front teeth. I'm assuming it's an age thing, but it could also be related to illness.

You can have a substance put on your teeth to hide the transparency, also there is a medication that can be prescribed by your dentist. He/she may not even be aware of it, depending on age, etc. This is fairly new to the market and has been shown to cut down on this particular problem.

I don't use mine any longer, but my husband continues to do so. Our next check-up is in October, so I'd be happy to ask a few questions and get back to you concerning this matter. I've had a lot of dental problems thanks to my illnesses, possibly meds, etc., and it's worth preventing as much of it as possible. Can be an expensive proposition to treat abcesses and the like. I thought I had sinus problems, so pain is often referred. Yours, L.