hwy to treat co-infection with retro virus


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This is a paragraph from a hiv web site but is very relevant to us cfsers, my reason for posting this is there has been abit of contraversy in reguards to antivirals for hepes infection eg ebv/cmv etc but also other infection.

HIV starts reproducing when the immune system actively fights infections and disease. HIV more easily infects activated cells. One way to prevent HIV from destroying the immune system is to prevent and treat infections promptly and aggressively. This means avoiding the flu by getting a flu shot each year (if appropriate); avoiding some infections by practicing safer sex; and avoiding other infections that can be passed more casually like through handling and preparing food, drinking water or close contact by following preventive guidelines. Avoiding more casual infections can be difficult, but there are tips and guidelines available to reduce risks. This ranges from using gloves to change cat litter (to prevent toxoplasmosis) to getting a water filter for your sink or drinking bottled water (to help prevent Cryptosporidium). Read Project Inform's publication, Sex and Prevention Concerns for Positive People.

it came from this link http://www.thebody.com/content/art47355.html