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How to source Prucalopride in UK?

I am dealing with H2S SIBO, confirmed my symptoms, dietary response and 2 flatline breath tests.

I was given a trial of Metoclomapride by my gastro, which really helped surprisingly in a short time, but symptoms reoccured after ceasing an I understand metoclomapride is not particuarly safe for long term use.

I personally want to try Prucalopride as it seems to be the reccomended Prokinetic by Dr Mark Pimentel, the gastrro I'm seeing for some reason doesn't like it.. I imagine he didn't want to prescribe it due to cost.

I tried Rifaximin with 0 response. IT really seems getting my small intestine to clear is the only thing that works.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get Prucalopride in the UK? I understand it's legal to order from outside the UK without a script, but I can't find a site that offers it that doesn't ask for a script.

I tried herbal prokinetics to no avail. It seems the symptoms are caused by A) H2S Release but also B) LPS release. The H2S Symptoms I regulate with a restrictive diet, but the LPS symptoms persist regardless (lipopolysaccharides) - which are equally as debilitating.

Any suggestions welcome